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miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011

Thanksgiving and table manners for kid!

It is not too late to polish those table manners for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Even if you have not yet started teaching table etiquette to your children it is not too late to help them brush up on their manners before the Thanksgiving table is set.
Tonight sit down with them and remind them that there are some very basic good manners that they must use tomorrow night.
-If they are older than pre-schoolers, then they must say hello to their host when they arrive and shake hands if at all possible.
-If they have been playing with other children before dinner, go to the bathroom and wash their hands before goint to sit down at the table.
-Remind them to place their napking on their lap as soon as they sit down.
-Accept all the food that is offered, without saying things like YUCK! or I DON'T LIKE IT!, all they need to do is taste it and leave it on the plate if they really don't enjoy the flavor.
-Don't start eating before everyone is served.
-Don't speak with your mouth full.
-Don't leave the table unless you have asked to be excused and the adults have said it is alright for you to leave.
-When it is time to leave remember to say thank you and how much you enjoy the party!
- If you have been given a farewell gift, write a thank you note and send it within 48 hours of the Thankgiving dinner!
If your children practice all of the above, or at least most of them, you will be a welcomed guest next year, without a doubt. Your family will be talking about how well behaved your children are for a long time to come.