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viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

Ayudemos a eliminar el acoso escolar o "bullying"

Ya los padres estamos haciendo planes para el inicio del año escolar y eso incluye actividades extra curriculares que ayuden a brindarle una formación integral a nuestros hijos. Siempre pensamos en los deportes y las artes como ingredientes fundamentales para que tengan mentes y cuerpos sanos. Es oportuno recordar que agregar el complemento de un buen comportamiento social, modales de mesa, y valores como la honestidad, el respeto y la confianza; desarrollarán en ellos una personalidad con características que conllevan al éxito. Contribuimos, de esa forma también a crear una sociedad más civilizada, con menos violencia, es un factor que contribuye a eliminar el acoso o "bullying". Por todas esas razones, considere inscribir a sus hijos en talleres de Etiqueta Social, especialmente diseñados para niños de 6 a 12 años, con estrategias didácticas amenas que hacen del aprendizaje una actividad divertida, que ellos disfrutarán.


sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

Parents have a responsibility with their children

As moms and dads, we have the responsibility to provide our children with the social skills and specific manners that will serve them well throughout their life. Although most agree that manners, should be tought at an early age and that it should start at home and be reinforced in school, it is a great advantage to have it confirmed and modeled by an expert tutor.

Practicing table manners at home is a must, teaching children the proper skills for introductions and hanshakes and instilling in them the value of knowing how and when to show gratitude, will give them a marked advantage in our society and will make them a generation that not only practices but promotes civility.

But, we understand that many times, children need to ratify what they are being told,at home and school,with a third party. That's where we come in, Etiqueta Excellence Manners will begin offering afterschool programs both in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, Florida with the start of the school year. Contact us and let us provide your children with a fun an interactive learning environment where they will learn not only to: not speak with their mouths full of food, keep their elbows off the table and place their napkin in their laps, but also that the value of good manners lies in making others feel respected and appreciated!

domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

Imagen Profesional para el Exito

Cuidar nuestra imagen personal debe ser prioritario para los profesionales que desean alcanzar el éxito. La forma en que vestimos dice mucho de nuestra imagen y es por ello que saber vestir de forma apropiada a cada situación laboral o social que se nos presente, mostrara su buen gusto y proyectara credibilidad en su hacer profesional.
Los invitamos a ver el siguiente video, brindando en el Show de Fernando Hidalgo  algunas indicaciones, que les ayudaran a vestir adecuadamente.

viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Etiqueta de Mesa en el Show de Fernando Hidalgo

Los invitamos a disfrutar de este video para aprender los ingredientes basicos de Etiqueta de Mesa.

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An Evening of Etiquette & Ballroom Dancing!

A fun  and elegant evening awaits you in Palm Beach! Join Etiqueta Excellence Manners & Fred Astaire Studio  as they provide an opportunity to polish your table manners & wine tasting skills along with acquiring some Ball Room Dance steps. Skills that will enhance your social and professional life. Come alone or with a partner. Pre-Registration required call 561-255-0549

lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Let's teach our children Patriotic Manners

Fourth of July is upon us and it is a good opportunity to teach children from a very young age that there are certain ways to behave that show respect for our country. It is what we call Patriotic Manners, and even adults can use a little polishing of those.

There are two upcoming events that constitute great opportunities for showing our children how to  respect our flag and our national anthem. One is the Celebration of the Fourth of July, our Day of Independence, and the other is the Olympic Games that will be held in London at the end of July.

As we celebrate July 4th, remind them to listen respectfully, without talking, while the anthem is played, if wearing a baseball cap, remove it and face the flag with the right hand over their hearts.

Have your children watch the medal award ceremonies of the Olympics, explain to them the importance that it has when the flag is displayed and the anthem played whenever the U.S. athletes are the winners of a particular sports discipline. Have them appreciate the emotions of the athletes from every country when their flags and anthems are played. We are teaching values that are far from trivial, love and pride of country, respect for our national symbols and that of  other nations and cultures as we see their flags also being displayed with pride.