When looking for after school activities consider providing them with manners and etiquette courses available in Broward and Palm Beach. Weekdays and weekends schedules available.

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lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

Clases de Etiqueta para enseñar respeto y consideraci

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Clases de Etiqueta para Enseñar Respeto y Consideración.

Los cursos de etiqueta para niños, son una herramienta para enseñar comportamientos basados
en honestidad, respeto y consideración por sus semejantes.
Inscribir a sus hijos en estos cursos es brindarles las destrezas necesarias para su exito emocional y social. No lo piensen dos veces antes de buscar un curso en su localidad. Estos cursos se ofrecen en Miramar, Weston  y en Wellington dias de semana y sabados. Tambien se dictan clases particulares en Broward y Palm beach para adultos.

Etiquette Classes to teach Respect & Consideration.

Etiquette classes for children are a tool to teach them behavior based on honesty, respect & consideration.
When you sign up your children for these courses is to provide them with the skills for having emotional & social success. Don't think about it twice before you seach for a course in your town. These courses are offered in Miramar, Weston & Wellington during weekdays and saturdays. We also offer courses for adults in Broward & Palm Beach.

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Respect, Consideration, Kindness, Sharing & Giving! Respeto, Consideración....

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What are all those words about? They are about the other aspect of the "American Dream" that many people forget to mention. Of course, acquiring material things,for example owning your own home are very real goals of achieveing the American Dream.
But there are many non-tangible reasons why people from all over the world come to the United States. Those are the aspects of the American Dream, that are an integral part of the society in the United States and that have to do with the fact that people will  treat each other with respect, that you will see acts of kindness from strangers, that sharing and giving are part of the fiber of the american citizen. The fact is, that in most countries of the world one does not experience these qualities in everyday life.
Perhaps, if we see that we are not encountering those traits as frequently as we hope, if we see that our children are not being kind to each other in school, that they are not treating adults with respect, that they are becoming more selfish, we do not have to stand by and watch without doing anything.
Those traits can and must be taught, and we can do that by enrolling children in manners classes.
Manners not only have to do with where to place the fork and knife, but it has a lot to do with building character traits such as trutworthiness, responsibility, fairness, citizenship, caring and respect.
The next time you want to give a child a gift, why not reach out for the gift that will last them a lifetime, not a new video game or tech gadget, but some manners lessons that will teach them how
to get along with others and practice civility as a way of life.