When looking for after school activities consider providing them with manners and etiquette courses available in Broward and Palm Beach. Weekdays and weekends schedules available.

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martes, 5 de agosto de 2014

Back to School and activities galore!

As parents we want to provide our children with the most opportunities for intellectual and physical growth, but sometimes, we can go overboard!

Now is the time to give plenty of thought on how our children will spend their after school time. Enrichment classes, sports, and all sorts of activities are available, and they are all an important part of how our children develop and grow, but we have to be cautious in not overdoing it.

There should be a limit to the amount of things we involve them in, otherwise we will generate a great deal of stress both for them and ourselves. We have to encourage our children to develop their
interests and likes but we must not enroll them in every club, team or activity that comes along. 

Both the children and the adults that must take them to practice, competitions etc., must be able to handle those schedules and still allow for free time, much needed rest and spontaneous play time
with friends and family.

Of course, I suggest that among the actitives that you enroll your children in, is an etiquette course, since acquiring good manners at an early age will guarantee a habit of civility and positive character traits that will benefit them their entire life. They will not necessarily become professional athletes, or  dancers & performers, but they will certainly be CITIZENS who practice civility daily and conform a more humane society!