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sábado, 28 de abril de 2018

Graduation Etiquette

May is graduation month, so it is always a good time to review
some graduation etiquette.
Let's begin with the difference between a graduation announcement and an invitation to a graduation ceremony or party.
If you receive a graduation announcement, you are not required to send a gift to the graduate. You, of course, may do so if you wish, receiving a gift is always nice, but you do not have to. What is always a nice gesture is to send a card or note congratulating the graduate for his/her accomplishment.
On the other hand, if you are invited to the ceremony or the party, you must send or take with you a gift to the event.
Another aspect that is always a delicate topic is who gets invited to the actual commencement. Usually high school and college graduation ceremonies have a limited number of invitations allotted per student.
Most family members will understand that it only allows for very close members to attend, but always explain the situation to relatives so they don’t feel they have been left out of this important family event. What is a delicate way of dealing with this problem is to make sure that members from each side of the family of the graduate attend.
If you have a close knit, large family that is used to big celebrations, then hold a party after the graduation and make sure to invite everyone so they all share the festivities!

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