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viernes, 10 de mayo de 2019

Consejos para Asistir a una Graduacion

Estamos en el mes de las Graduaciones y tenemos muchas preguntas sobre qué debemos hacer cuando recibimos una invitación para un acto de graduación, como vestirnos y la gran duda, si debemos llevar un regalo al graduando.

Bueno pues aquí les dejo unos consejos.

1- Confirme si la invitación es para el Acto Académico o para la fiesta de         Celebración del grado.  La mayoría de los actos académicos tienen un límite al número de invitados que cada graduando puede llevar y en la mayoría de los casos el acceso se reduce a los familiares más cercanos. Por lo tanto, no se ofenda.
2- Si asiste al Acto Académico, sea puntual y no espere que le guarden asiento si usted no llega junto al grupo familiar. En este tipo de evento no se debe guardar asientos para los que no han llegado pues es una desconsideración para las personas que llegaron temprano.  Si usted, llega tarde, siéntese donde pueda y punto.
3- Si usted ha sido invitado para la celebración, también debe ser puntual pero aquí lo que le quiero recordar es que su vestuario debe ser acorde con la hora del día en que se celebra. Esto significa que no debe ir vestido como a un coctel o fiesta de gala si la familia invita para las 3 de la tarde en el jardín de su casa. La elegancia parte de que su vestimenta sea apropiada al momento y lugar del evento.
4- Por último, no olvide llevarle un regalo al graduando. Siempre es una señal de cortesía y buenos modales obsequiar un detalle a la persona que culmina sus estudios, como reconocimiento a su esfuerzo. Desde un libro o bolígrafo hasta algún detalle que demuestre que usted conoce los gustos de su amigo o amiga. Hoy en día, también es aceptable el regalo de una tarjeta (gift card) para gastar en su tienda favorita y así dejar al gusto de la persona lo que quiera adquirir.
Disfrute asistiendo a las graduaciones de sus familiares y amigos y compartiendo la alegría por los logros obtenidos.

miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2019

Good Manners we should be Teaching our Children


I never get tired of repeating it. It is never too early to start teaching your children good manners. To the question as to why? My reply is simply that we are doing something that will directly contribute to the child’s success in life! What could be more rewarding than knowing that your child will be able to foster great relationships with family and friends, both peers and adults by having the skills to do so.  Having good manners will make your child a more pleasant and kind person. Someone with empathy and gratitude.
So what manners should you be teaching your child?

Here are some that I suggest you start working on right away!

1- Say Please and Thank You – sounds obvious right, but the important thing is that you use those words with him or her, so that your modeling is as loud as your words.

2- Saying Sorry – along with the top ones, a really important word to learn to use, simply because it shows that you are aware of someone else’s feeling and emotions.

3- Making Eye Contact – it shows respect and basic courtesy to the person you are speaking with. Teaches to pay attention and be an active listener.

4- Having a Conversation – from topics to the volume of your voice, this is a very valuable skill to teach children from a young age. It also promotes self-regulation as it allows them to share their interests and feelings while doing it in an appropriate way.

5- Helping others – such as opening door for older people or someone with full hands. It will promote self-esteem and be well-liked by others.

There are, of course, many more manners that we should and could teach, but  if we start with these, we are sure to make a very useful contribution to our children’s social skills and, therefore, success.

viernes, 18 de enero de 2019

Valentine's Etiquette- Friendship and Love

Etiqueta Excellence Manners
During this month let's work on using the celebration of Friendship and Love, as a source for sharing affection, good manners and social graces, to help us all become  the best that we can be. It is a great opportunity to talk about how having good manners influences in creating friendships and keeping good friends. 
It is also a great month for celebrations and parties. In schools, clubs and churches and even at work we will be invited to Valentine's Day Parties. What a great chance to learn about hosts and guests duties. How to treat your guests with love and respect.
Last but not least, let's practice some basic table manners! It is also a great opportunity to review keeping elbows off the table and chewing with your mouth closed. Table manners also covers the use of napkins and utensils and
how to handle a buffet line!

It is an excellence opportunity to celebrate by attending an etiquette class with a group of friends and  improve our social skills while letting our women family members and friends how much we appreciate them.

Our society  will be much better off if we as adults show trustworthiness, citizenship, responsibility, fairness, caring and respect. All of which can be fostered by improving our good manners and practicing civility and mostly by
showing our appreciation to those important people in our lives.

Have a Happy  Month of Friendship & Love!


jueves, 3 de mayo de 2018

The latest tips for the Kentucky Derby

Are you ready for the event? #raceetiquette #derbyetiquette This event has been going on for 144 years! That’s a lot of years for traditions to be formed.
 So let me tell you about one that I love, which is, that this race is also known as “Run of the Roses” because since 1932 the winner is given a garland of red roses sewn together. The winner of this year’s Kentucky Derby #kentuckyderby will take home around $1.2 million which is not bad for two minutes of racing.

Another tradition that I totally love is the outfits that you can see during Derby weekend.  So let's get some  #derbyetiquette regarding what to wear? Hat or  Fascinator? Both are going to be seen with glamour around the grounds. Hats tend to be wide-brimmed and inspired in the Southern Belle look. Fascinators are more popular every year and are easier to wear since they are secured to your head either with a comb or headband. #fascinators #hats  The dresses that accompany the headgear should be spring dresses and either pastels or bold colors that coordinate with your hat.

If you are not going to Churchill Downs, Kentucky this weekend, it does not mean that you cannot get into the mood by having or attending a local party to watch those famous two minutes on television and finding a good excuse to wear that beautiful Fascinator made by Monica Mayer of #LadyArtWear , that you have not used for a while, all the while sipping some mint juleps or champagne!


sábado, 28 de abril de 2018

Graduation Etiquette

May is graduation month, so it is always a good time to review
some graduation etiquette.
Let's begin with the difference between a graduation announcement and an invitation to a graduation ceremony or party.
If you receive a graduation announcement, you are not required to send a gift to the graduate. You, of course, may do so if you wish, receiving a gift is always nice, but you do not have to. What is always a nice gesture is to send a card or note congratulating the graduate for his/her accomplishment.
On the other hand, if you are invited to the ceremony or the party, you must send or take with you a gift to the event.
Another aspect that is always a delicate topic is who gets invited to the actual commencement. Usually high school and college graduation ceremonies have a limited number of invitations allotted per student.
Most family members will understand that it only allows for very close members to attend, but always explain the situation to relatives so they don’t feel they have been left out of this important family event. What is a delicate way of dealing with this problem is to make sure that members from each side of the family of the graduate attend.
If you have a close knit, large family that is used to big celebrations, then hold a party after the graduation and make sure to invite everyone so they all share the festivities!

martes, 22 de noviembre de 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Decorating your Thanksgiving Table

Are you almost ready for your Thanksgiving dinner? You have bought all the ingredients for your favorite recipes. Family members are beginning to arrive. All is set, except you have not given enough thought to
setting your Thanksgiving table!

The decoration of your Thanksgiving dinner table is a very important aspect of your celebration and as such you should give it thought and time.

Here are some tips:
- First of all set up your table the day or night before. with enough time and without being rushed by having to check the bird in the oven.

- Take out all your "good" china, wine glasses, utensils. All those beautiful pieces that you don't normally use.

- Start by using a tablecloth with fall or specific Thanksgiving motif. If not use a cream or beige color one, which will serve as the first layer and upon which you can build your palate of fall colors.

- Remember to place your utensils correctly: forks to the left of the plate, knife and spoon to the right.

- If you wish place a name card in each setting, so that your guests will know where to sit when you call them to the dining room. As a hostess this is a great way to guarantee that your guests will be sitting next to people that they have things in common with or have not seen for a while and this makes it easy to reconnect.

- Use your creativity to decorate with flowers, garlands, pumpkins etc. to make sure that your table is as memorable as your food! See some images below for inspiration.

- Lastly, remember to be grateful! That is the reason for Thanksgiving, to remember to give thanks for our families, for all that we have accomplished this year and to realize that we must help those that are less fortunate than we are.


viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

Consejos de Etiqueta para Celebraciones sin Estrés


La época navideña es siempre símbolo de paz , armonía y amor. Convivencia feliz con nuestra familia, pareja y amigos. Sin embargo, no siempre es así. Es también una época en la que sufrimos angustia, estrés y en algunos casos hasta depresión.
¿Por qué nos estresamos en estas fechas? Las causas tienen su origen en tres razones fundamentales: las económicas, las físicas y las derivadas de nuestras relaciones sociales.
Pero afortunadamente tenemos algunos consejos que pueden ayudarnos a sobrellevar esta época y disfrutarla al máximo.
Entre ellos están los siguientes para evitar el estrés:
      PLANIFICA – el que planifica sufre menos angustia, el famoso estrés.
      PRIORIDADES- elige las tuyas, no la de otros. ¿Que es lo mas importante para ti?
      ESTABLECE UN PRESUPUESTO – ajustate a el.
      REGALOS- acuerda en familia no intercambiar regalos con adultos, solo a los niños.
      COMPRA POR INTERNET- evita el “mall”
Para recuperar tu tranquilidad sugiero los siguientes:
      Regálate tiempo a ti misma:
      Utiliza la Aromaterapia
      Asiste a una clase de Yoga
      Haz ejercicio regularmente
Todas estas sugerencias deben ser adaptadas a tu realidad pero lo que no puedes olvidar es que debes cuidarte para que los niveles de angustia que puedas sufrir en esta época de celebraciones, no terminen dañando tu salud!  Por último recuerda DORMIR lo suficiente para sentirte descansada y verte radiante!